Freebies are a great way to drive traffic. Whether you are one of the top three CRM companies or an artist scraping out a living, nothing helps you more than offering something for free. There are several ways to do this, one being a contest. And who doesn’t love to win a prize?

What not to do


This is a good idea as far as getting people on board to follow you, but what are you communicating to the first 999 followers? In an essence, you are ignoring those who have been with you all this time.

Ask yourself: What is their reward?

What to do

Offer a reward that all of your followers have a chance of winning. And you can do this in a context of an event, whether it is an physical event or just a celebration of your thousand follower.

The DeYoung museum in San Francisco has occasional trivia that can score you tickets, or maybe a DVD or book if you are the first to tweet the answer to them. With this type of contest, you are engaging your followers in a fun game and rewarding all of them.

The DeYoung also hosts other contests such as voting:

This in turn drives traffic to other sites where you have a presence (this one happens to cross pollinate with Flickr).

This is crucial as you should be on every social media site possible. You never know where your next client/customer/web developer/investor/marketer is going to come from, and these avenues are there for you to take advantage of – So do it!